3M Tegaderm Alginate 10 x 10cm 90112P 10 pieces

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Description of 3M Tegaderm Alginate 10 x 10cm 90112P

3M ™ Tegaderm ™ Alginate is suitable for moderate to (very) highly exuding, granulating and infected wounds. By absorption of exudate an exchange of ions takes place, resulting in gel formation. This gel creates a moist wound environment and ensures encapsulation of debris and bacteria. In this way, the wound is cleaned in a natural way. The bandage combines very high absorption capacity with high integrity (= firm structure). This makes it easy to remove in its entirety. The special 3M ™ Tegaderm ™ Alginate wick can be used as cushioning material in deep wounds, as well as in fistulas, under my creations and tunneled wounds.

Product features
Tegaderm ™ Alignate is an alginate extracted from seaweed: natural, safe to use Forms when it comes into contact with exudate, a gel
- Doesn't stick to wound bed
- Can be removed easily and painless
The wound remains moist so that the natural wound healing is supported
The unique structure of Tegaderm ™ Alignate ensures a good gelblocking (only there where the dressing comes into contact with the wound bed, gel formation takes place). This prevents processing and maceration of wound edges and skin
Available in various forms and dimensions, so it's useful for many applications


The 3M ™ Tegaderm ™ Alginate is an absorbing, cleaning alginate dressing consisting of calcium alginate fibers extracted from purely Scottish seaweed.
€ 33,85
€ 30,47

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