Ad Cure 10 ml solution

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Description of Ad Cure

Prevention of lack of vitamin A and vitamin D. Vitamin A plays an important role in the growth and normal development of the teeth and increases the resistance of the skin and mucous membranes against a range of aggressions. Vitamin D promotes the development of bones and teeth.

Use of Ad Cure

Unless otherwise provided, the daily dose for children of all ages and adults is 5 drops per day, preferably mixed in some juice or water, preferably not in milk.


To avoid to many amounts of vitamins, it is not recommended to take AD-Cure together with other preparations, which contain the same constituents. Since vitamin D and vitamin A are sensitive to heat, AD-cure can not be cooked together with other food.
€ 3,95
€ 3,56
(€ 35,60 / 100 ml)

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