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Description of AQTIF 100

Vitamin E helps protecting cells against oxidative stress. The body constantly produces in mitochondria, the site of production of cellular energy, activated oxygen species also called free radicals. They have oxidizing properties and are highly reactive against a range of biological substrates: fats, carbohydrates, proteins and genetic material. Environmental factors such as pollution, sun exposure, smoking or drinking of alcohol are situations that can induce an overproduction of free radicals in the body. These conditions are called oxidative stress and take part of the natural aging process. Among all living beings, protection mechanisms exist to compensate the oxidative stress and to establish a balance. Free radicals can be neutralized by a family of molecules having the opposite properties: the antioxidants. Over time, the effectiveness of these protection mechanisms tends to decrease as cellular aging appears. Ubiquinol is the non-oxidized form of coenzyme Q10. This is a molecule of natural origin, produced by fermentation of yeast; it therefore does not contain an impurity due to chemical synthesis. AQTIF 100 contains vitamin E which helps protecting cells against oxidative stress.


Keep out of reach of young children, store at room temperature, on a dry and well ventilated place, in the original packaging. Validity: see expiration date on the package.
€ 74,00
€ 66,60

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