Beautypad Refill 12 pieces

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Description of Beautypad Refill

The Beautypad removes unwanted hair on legs, underarms, arms, chest, abdomen, back (in men) and the face (in women) up to the root. Without cuts, wounds or skin irritation.

Besides waxing, the desilicum carbids minerals on the friction surface ensure to remove the dead skin cells (exfoliation). No electricity, no resin and no chemicals needed!

A regular use slows down the growth of the hair and makes sure that the skin feels long-term smooth and soft.

Dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin.

The secret of the Beautypad is in the ultra-fine crystal design from Switzerland. It's subtle enough not to damage your skin, but powerful enough to remove stubborn hairs till the root.

The binding components of the silicum- carbide minerals on the friction surface are, with the aid of lasers, electrostatically oriented in such way, so that they have tiny cutting surfaces.


Refill. Removes hair quickly and without pain, for both men and women

Use of Beautypad Refill

Both women and men can use the Beautypad.

Use the large Beautypad applicator for legs, arms, forearms, abdomen and back.

The small Beautypad applicator is specially designed for sensitive areas of your face and around your bikini line.

Throuhgh a gentle circular motion, the Beautypad removes painless unwanted hair. Turn the Beautypad left and right over your skin without forcing. The rotating motion opens the hair follicles, so that a maximum hair removing is possible.

The Beautypad crystal slices are washable with warm water and can be disinfected with ethyl alcohol.

Depending on the skin, hair strength and frequency, you can use it up to 4 weeks again and again.
€ 14,95
€ 13,46

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