Biocyte Hyaluronic Day/Night 60 capsules

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Description of Biocyte Hyaluronic Day/Night

Biocyte continues innovating to improve the hydrating performances even more. It answers to its promises as a starmolecule against wrinkles and ageing more than ever. The crossed synergie of hyaluron acid 120 mg + GABA. During our sleep the skin repairs better thanks to the mutual working of the (natural regenerating) growth hormone and the absence of uv-wrinkels or other external agressions. The intensity of the sleep is determinating for the repair and secretion of the growth hormone and off DHEA. Both of these hormones have a co-enzym, GABA (gammaamino- butter acid), an amino acid of natural origin from milk. It slows down neurotransmitters, made in the brain. The concentration decreases with age.
Studies prove that GABA:
- 60 min. after swallowing a relaxing effect has, it decreased the fear on healthy volunteers in stressy circumstances;
- stimulates relaxation and sleep;
- is a natural nutrition supplement.

Hyaluronic + GABA is a technological progress in the nutrition supplements with cosmetic purposes.
One month one tablet when going to bed is sufficient for a crossed effect of rehydratation, repairing sleep and anti aging.


A nutritional supplement with natural 270mg hyaluron acid for individuals older than 25 years.
- Prevents and diminishes the formation of wrinkels
- Repairs the loss of volume in the skin

Use of Biocyte Hyaluronic Day/Night

1 tablet in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening during 1 month. For an optimal result take one whole box without skipping days.

Ingredients Biocyte Hyaluronic Day/Night

Maltodextrine of corn (filling), hyaluron acid 120 mg, G.A.B.A 100 mg, magnesiumstearaat, colloïdaal silicium (anti-lump). Cover of the capsule: gelatine, patentblue (colouring agents).
€ 65,00
€ 58,50
Product no longer available

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