Biocyte Keratine Forte 1000mg 40 capsules

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Description of Biocyte Keratine Forte 1000mg

The Biocyte Keratin Forte 1000mg capsules help to keep the hair strong, soft and shiny with a lot of volume. When the hair gets hit hard by the sun, sea, wind, old age, styling products, pollution, hair coloring etc, then it loses its healthy shine and strength very fast. With a vitamin and mineral complex of copper, zinc, and keratin, the hair is restored and made stronger by growth.

Our hairs consist of 95% of keratin, thus a sufficient supply of keratin materials needed to produce healthy and strong hair. Keratin is composed of 18 amino acids that are present in optimal amounts in the Biocyte capsules for a guaranteed healthier hair fiber.

Helps to keep her firm and supple. Volume and shine.

This major innovation with the same properties of natural hair: Keratin Forte is the first dietary supplement based on pure keratin. Besides keratin, the capsules contain the whole of 18 amino acids, naturally present in the hair.

Keratin Forte is part of a scientific study in which a great effectiveness was demonstrated from a use of 3 months. The hairs are stronger and fall out less. they resume their resilience, firmness, elasticity, volume and shine.


A dietary supplement for fine, brittle hair or with less volume that needs recovery.
  • For those who want to let their hair grow stronger and to avoid damage
  • For those who want voluminous hair that feels supple and is healthy
  • For people with fine and dull hair
  • For women who have recently given birth
  • For people who have stayed at sea for a while

Use of Biocyte Keratine Forte 1000mg

Take 2 capsules per day during meals with a large glass of water. A course of three months is advised because the hairs grow slowly and need time to get a visibly firmer texture.

Ingredients Biocyte Keratine Forte 1000mg

Keratin, Zink, Vitamin B3, B5, B6 und B8, Kupfer Keratin 500 mg, Zinkoxid (15 mg Zink Element, 150% RDA) Anti-Trennmittel: Magnesiumstearat, 18 mg Vitamin B3 (112,5% RDA) Vitamin B5 13,68 mg (228 % RDA), Kupfersulfat (einschließlich Element Kupfer 1,65 mg oder 165% RDA), Vitamin B6 2 mg (143% RDA) Vitamin B8 300 mcg (600% RDA) Kapsel: Gelatine, Farbe: naturliches Chlorophyll


The intake should be limited to a couple of weeks/months.
€ 38,00
€ 34,20

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