Elmex Intensive Cleaning Toothpaste 50 ml

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Description of Elmex Intensive Cleaning Toothpaste

Elmex Intensive Cleaning Toothpaste
The consumption of coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco can induce unpleasant tooth staining, which is difficult to remove by the normal daily oral hygiene. The professional tooth cleaning (PTC) performed in the dental office is the basis for restoring the natural tooth colour. Elmex INTENSIVE CLEANING toothpaste prolongs its effects for noticeable smooth and natural white teeth. The special combination of cleaning and polishing agents from silica and selected alumina in Elmex INTENSIVE CLEANING toothpaste cleans thoroughly the teeth and removes superficial stains, plaque and dental deposits.

Thus, teeth are visibly cleaner and smoother and the natural white of the teeth will be maintained. Due to the polishing effect, smooths the teeth surface is noticeably, making it more difficult for plaque to adhere. Highly effective amine fluoride provides additional protection against caries.


  • Special toothpaste for smooth and natural white teeth
  • Prolongs the effect of a professional tooth cleaning
  • Prevents extrinsic re-staining
  • Highly effective caries protection

Use of Elmex Intensive Cleaning Toothpaste

Apply Elmex CARIES PROTECION every second day instead of the normal toothpaste.

Ingredients Elmex Intensive Cleaning Toothpaste

Active Ingredient
Amine fluoride Olaflur, Special combination of cleaning and polishing agents, Fluoride Content, 1400 ppm from amine fluoride.

Side effects of Elmex Intensive Cleaning Toothpaste



€ 5,29
€ 4,76
(€ 9,52 / 100 ml)

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