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Description of Fortimel Cream Chocolate

Fortimel Cream Chocolate
Semi-solid, energy dense, high protein, milk-based oral nutritional supplement in desert form. Enriched with all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Gluten free.
Key features
  • Semi-solid consistency suitable for dysphagic patients and to provide variety to patients
  • High energy (1,6 kcal/ml)
  • High protein (23,8 energy %)
  • Nutritionally complete
Flavours: Banana, Chocolate, Forest Fruit, Vanilla

Use of Fortimel Cream Chocolate

  • As a sole source of nutrition: 8-10 servings per day
  • As a supplement: 1-3 servings per day

Ingredients Fortimel Cream Chocolate

Fortimel Cream CHOCOLATE: contains aroma = Cacao and Vanilla, colour additives = not present.

water, sacharose, dextrine-maltose, milk egg white, plant-based oil, modified starch, aroma (vanilla), dikaliumwaterstofphosphaat, emulgator (lecithine),  trinatriumcitraat, magnesiumchloride, stabilisator (carrageen), cholinechloride, magnesium waterstof phosphate, natrium-L-ascorbaat, iron lactate, DL-α-tocoferolacetate, niacine, retinolacetate, zinc sulphate, coppergluconate, mangaan sulphate, calciumpantothenaat, cholecalciferol, thiaminehydrochloride, pyridoxinehydrochloride, riboflavine, natriumfluoride, cyanocobalamine, colour additives (ß-caroteen), fytomenadion, folicacid, chromiumchloride, potassium iodine, natriummolybdate, natriumseleniet, D-biotine.


  • Use with caution in children aged 3-6 years
€ 9,19
€ 8,73
(€ 17,46 / kg)

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    Super product with great price. I will order again. It is for my 96 years old grand-mother. This product it is very high nutritional and help her to gain a little kgrs.

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