Mannavital Calmiton 60 tablets

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Description of Mannavital Calmiton

A busy job, a demanding family, traffic jams on the road, examinations... There are many reasons why we sometimes experience too much mental tension or stress and we can use a natural, detoxifying formula without the risk of side effects or addiction. What's so special about CALMINTON, is that it containts a natural substance called "alpha S1 casein decapeptide", or Lactium®. Lactium® can be helpful in reducing stress and stress associated symptoms, promote relaxation and can be useful in insomnia. Furthermore, this natural product also contains passion flower extract, which is known for its natural, soothing properties and promotes a good night's sleep.
May be used in case of intolerance to lactose or milk protein.


With passion flower, which contributes to natural relaxation, better stress resistance and healthy sleep.

Use of Mannavital Calmiton

Take one tablet in the morning and evening with a glass of water

Ingredients Mannavital Calmiton

Active ingredients per tablet:
150 mg casein hydrolysate with 1.8% alpha S1 casein decapeptide (LACTIUM®)
360 mg passion flower extract (Passiflora incarnata), standardised at 2,5 % vitexin


The use of CALMITON is safe and does not lead to adverse side effects. There is no habituation, so you do not always have to increase the dose to get the same effect. There is no mental or physical dependence and CALMITON does not reduce concentration, make you drowsy or lead to memory problems.
€ 23,95
€ 21,56

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