Medipore + Pad 10cm x 20cm 5 pieces

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Description of Medipore + Pad 10cm x 20cm

The pad is made of a porous, air-permeable soft material with a central, low-adhesive absorbent pad bandage. The connection pad absorbs wound exudate, but does not stick to the wound surface, so that the patch can be easily removed. The soft stretch backing adapts well to the body shape. The corners are rounded so that the plaster edges less easily curl up and fold back. The hypoallergenic adhesive is strong but easy to remove. Different sizes are available for various applications in wound care.

Non woven polyester with viscose pad
Non-adhesive absorbant pad
Soft and supple
Oxygen and water vapor permeable
Rounded edges, prevents loosening of pad

Glue: Hypoallergenic polyacrylate

Primary or secondary pad for little exudative wounds
Confirmation of medical devices
Protection of catheter insertion opening

Adhesion: Fast, high initial adhesion
Slightly decreasing over time


The 3M ™ Medipore ™ + Pad Adhesive Pad is a versatile bandage associated with non-adhesive pad
€ 6,73
€ 4,71

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