Modifast Protiplus Milkshake Vanilla 540 g

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€ 25,96
(€ 48,07 / kg)
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Description of Modifast Protiplus Milkshake Vanilla

The Modifast ProtiPlus Milkshakes are meal components to prepare protein rich shakes, to use in a protein rich and an energy limited food program.

Rich in proteins
Perfectly passing in Modifast 3.2.2- Slimming method
Available in the flavours Strawberry, Cappucino, Chocolade and Vanilla
18 portions in a packing

Perfectly passing in Modifast 3.2.2 slimming method. With the ProtiPlus 3.2.2 method you change three strict days with two lighter days, while you can eat again normally (light) in the weekend. In this manner you can integrate this method in your daily life. The proteins care moreover for retaining and keeping your muscle mass.

Use of Modifast Protiplus Milkshake Vanilla

Do almost 200 ml water in a shaker or bowl and add 4 scoops Modifast ProtiPlus. Mix until the powder is totally dissolved and let it after that rest for 1 to 2 minutes.
€ 28,84
€ 25,96
(€ 48,07 / kg)

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