Modifast Intensive Milkshake Strawberry 9x47 g bags

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Description of Modifast Intensive Milkshake Strawberry

Modifast Intensive is used to quickly and responsibly lose weight. It is a complete product that is fully capable of replacing the regular meals. It contains all the essential nutrients and only 500 kcal per day.

The Modifast Intensive program consists of 3 phases:
Fase A: Lasts 2-3 weeks, where 3 meals a day are replaced by a Modifast Intensive meal. Meanwhile, products are used that contain no calories such as diet sodas, tea without sugar, or broth.
Fase B: Lasts 2 weeks.
- The 1st week 2 meals a day are replaced by a Modifast Intensive meal. The 3rd meal is a balanced meal with minimal calories.
- The 2nd week only 1 meal is replaced with a Modifast Intensive meal. The other 2 meals are balanced meals with minimal calories.
Fase C: The intention is that at this stage healthy, balanced, low-calorie meals are used. Advised are a lot of vegetables, low fat foods, and plenty of fruit. If you're not able to make a healthy meal or snack, Modifast Snacks and Meals can always lend you a hand.


Modifast Intensive can be used by people with overweight or obesity.

Use of Modifast Intensive Milkshake Strawberry

Dissolve 1 packet of Modifast Intensive Milkshake Chocolate in 200ml cold water. Mix vigorously with a shaker or beater. Immediately drink it.


- Drastic weightloss can be harmful to your health
- Obey the modifast intensive program and use the daily quantities completely
- Do not use more than 3 weeks

Consult your physician before using the Modifast Intensive Program if:
- You have complaints other than overweight
- You suffer from cardiac, vascular, kidney, or liver disease
- You have diabetes
- You suffer from an infectious disease, gout, or breathing difficulties due to a lung disease
- You have malignant tumors
- You have a psychosis or depression
€ 29,04
€ 26,14
(€ 61,80 / kg)

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