Nutrisanté Bio Slimming Cold Tea 20 bags

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Description of Nutrisanté Bio Slimming Cold Tea

Nutrisanté herbal teas are 100% natural and meet organic farming standards. All the herbs used to make our teas are grown naturally, using organic, environmentally friendly methods, and contain no genetically modified organisms.
They are free of artificial flavours and retain all the goodness of their ingredients, for a delicious natural taste. In keeping with our commitment to the environment, our tea bags are produced from chlorine-free paper and contain no staples, to prevent rusting.


Nutrisanté Bio Slimming tea, made with cold water, is ideal for improving digestion – and good digestion helps you get back into shape. This mint-flavoured tea is the perfect refreshing drink for a summer's day.

Use of Nutrisanté Bio Slimming Cold Tea

Place 1 bag in a glass and add cold water. Allow to infuse for 3 minutes to fully release the flavours of the herbs, and up to 5 minutes if you want a more intense flavour.
3 to 4 glasses per day, after every meal.
To enjoy the delicious taste all day long, infuse two bags in a one-litre bottle of water.

Ingredients Nutrisanté Bio Slimming Cold Tea

Green tea, mint, mint extract.
€ 4,38
€ 3,95

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