Nutrisante Force G Stimulant: Tonic Effect 10 ampoules

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Description of Nutrisante Force G Stimulant: Tonic Effect

Lacking energy and vitality? Force G is an energy concentrate that combines 3 natural stimulants in a single ampoule:
1. GINSENG: Known to have exceptional revitalising properties, it helps: Improve physical and mental performance, prepare your body for the changing seasons.
2. GINGER: Claimed to have aphrodisiac qualities, but primarily an excellent tonic for fortification and an energy boost. It also helps strengthen the body's natural defences and combat tiredness.
3. GUARANA: Has stimulant and toning properties, which help combat mental fatigue, re-energise the body and improve overall resilience.


A dietary supplement with ginseng, ginger and guarana to boost energy levels and survive stress, heavy physical & mental challenges.

Use of Nutrisante Force G Stimulant: Tonic Effect

Dilute 1 ampoule in half a glass of water or fruit juice per day. Use regularly for best results.
FORCE G Immediate Action: 1 ampoule before exercise to help boost your energy levels.
FORCE G Extended Action: 1 ampoule per day for 20 days to help revitalise and re-energise you.
The contents of the ampoule may leave a natural deposit; simply shake before use.
There's guarana in the formulation present, which contains cafeine, not recommended for children and pregnant women.
€ 12,14
€ 10,93
Product no longer available

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