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Description of OM3 Premium Emotional Balance

Scientific studies have shown the specific importance of the EPA to come in support of mood and positive emotions.

OM3 is used to promote mood elevation, to improve the emotional well-being and reduce aggression. The emotional well-being is to have more energy, be more optimistic, to enjoy the little pleasures of life, be comfortable in relationships with others, be more calm in the inevitable conflicts and difficulties of the existence is known then put into perspective. Scientific studies on the incorporation of essential fatty acids in cell membranes suggest that it takes about three months to remedy a deficiency in omega-3 and completely renew the tissues. It is therefore advisable to take OM3 regularly for three months to assess its effects (Often, however, to see improvement from the first weeks).


90% omega-3 and 1000 mg EPA

Use of OM3 Premium Emotional Balance

The recommended starting dose of d'OM3emotion is three capsules a day or several times, for a daily dose of 1050 mg (1.050 g) of EPA and 150 mg of DHA which corresponds to a total of 1.42 g of omega-3 per day. This corresponds to the amount of EPA in the most recent clinical trials. The ratio of fatty acid EPA (the most important sense for balance) to DHA is often inadequate (equal to 1.5 / 1 in the flesh, and almost always lower than 4/1); OM3emotion in this ratio 7.5 to 1 .

The capsules can be taken at once or in divided doses, according to the convenience for everyone.

Ingredients OM3 Premium Emotional Balance

Concentrated fish oil in the form of ethyl esters (titrated to 95% of omega-3). Natural vitamin E extract guaranteed without GMO (1.5 mg per capsule, mean 0.3 g for 100g oil).

Contains fish gelatin derived from non farmed fish, shellac, HPMC and glycerin.

Side effects of OM3 Premium Emotional Balance

The use of OM3emotion is not recommended in case of allergy to fish or shellfish. People who have pancreas problems (congenital abnormalities of the pancreas, chronic or acute pancreatitis) are consumption of fat (s) generally should be avoided. The intake of OM3emotion, and any other food supplements based on fatty acids are therefore not recommended. Use by pregnant women, breastfeeding women or children is not recommended because adequate scientific data are lacking, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.
€ 24,54
€ 22,09

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    I had to research this product. We all know about omega oils etc but most people are not aware that the ratios are extremely important when trying to address something like mood. You need to take the product for at least 3 weeks, but then it will begin to have its magical effects. Your mood will be calmer, rested and dare I say it happier! It's not 'pyschological' I can assure you. Read the science if you don't believe me. Excellent product, only which I could buy it over the counter in London. Farmaline have been fabulous though when it comes to getting the product to me on without delays.

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