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Description of Omron Blood Pressure Meter Digital Wrist RS6 HEM-6221-E

Measure your blood pressure in style. This portable monitor is extremely discrete. Its extra thin design and silent operation makes the RS6 easy to take – and to use – anywhere. Yet it’s still packed with advanced features including irregular heartbeat detection and movement detection. All in all it’s perfect for the active person who is always on the go.
- Advanced coloring position sensor
- Cuff wrapping guide
- Irregular heartbeat detection


Omron blood pressure monitors help you to monitor your blood pressure. High blood pressure is the main risk factor for the development of strokes.

Use of Omron Blood Pressure Meter Digital Wrist RS6 HEM-6221-E

How can I clean my blood pressure meter?
Clean the casing of the monitor with a dry cloth. Never use abrasive cleaners or immerse none of the parts of your blood pressure under water. The cuff can be cleaned with a cloth moistened with water and a mild detergent.

Can I buy a small cuff for my upper arm blood pressure monitor?
Many, but not allOMRON blood pressure monitors can be used with a small cuff (17-22 cm arm circumference). If you think this may be necessary for you, start by measuring your arm circumference. Use a fabric centimeter for this. Put this mid elbow and shoulder around your upper arm. The centimeter has to connect but can't be too tight.

Note the outline accurately. See also the manual of your blood pressure meter.

Can I measure my blood pressure while I'm on the move?
The Omron blood pressure monitors are not intended for use during activity or exercise. We encourage you not to eat, smoke or exercise intensively an half hour before you measure your blood pressure.

Does a blood pressure meter require regular maintenance?
In general, it is recommended to let the proper functioning and accuracy of your blood pressure meter being checked once every 2 years. The OMRON representative in your country has the special equipment and expertise for this. The dealer where you purchased the monitor can ensure that these checks are carried out. Please take note that this service is not free.
€ 124,00
€ 112,10

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