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Description of Omron Blood Pressure Meter M3 HEM-7134-E

This model M3 Comfort is the latest Omron M3 model (January 2016). This meter has several new features and technologies. This meter also has a compact format, making it easy to take along. This M3 Comfort comes standard with a dual cuff size M / L performed in a pre-formed cuff. This type of cuff is known from the M6 ​​Comfort. Thanks to this double cuff size, buying a larger cuff is no longer necessary! This cuff is suitable for almost everyone. The circumference of the sleeve is 22 cm to 42 cm. The cuff is designed for a comfortable measurement on the upper arm. All in all, this model is perfect for people looking for example, a compact version of the M6 ​​Comfort, or for those looking for a slightly cheaper version of the M6 ​​Comfort but do want to have pre-formed cuff.

New! Omron Intelli Wrap ™: what is it?
This Omron M3 Comfort uses a new model Comfort Cuff: Intelli Wrap Cuff. This type of cuff ensures highly accurate measurements. In addition, the cuff is easy to apply. Intelli-Wrap Cuff is the newest type of the known Omron's Comfort Cuff cuffs. In addition, the feature of this type is that the cuff is pre-formed. This makes this cuff more pleasant and it cuts a little less at the edges during inflation.

The M3 Comfort offers many opportunities for taking blood pressure. Still, this meter is very simple (and with one push of the button) to operate. Suitable for two different users, for both users there are 60 memories
Contoured intelli-wrap cuff: 22 cm - 42 cm
Guest mode function: to perform a measurement that is not to be stored in the memory
IntelliSense technology: the cuff is never inflated too much
It automatically calculates the average of 3 measurements in 10 minutes
Provides each measurement with date and time
Large and clear display
"Cuff wrapping guide (cuff control) checks if the cuff is not too tight and not too loose
LED indicator for blood pressure level passes through a color LED or the upper or negative pressure is too high
Detects irregular heartbeat
Detects exercise
Relatively compact: ± 14,1 x 12,3 x 8,5 cm (L x W x H)


This new (January 2016) Omron M3 Comfort is a compact, practical blood pressure meter. The M3 Comfort can store readings from 2 different users. Both users can store 60 measurements. The screen is large and easy to read and provides reliable blood pressure readings. This is the latest model Omron M3. This model combines the compact size of the '' normal '' M3 with comfortable cuff of the M6 ​​Comfort.
- Suitable for 2 users, 60 memory locations
- Large and clearly readable screen
- Comfortable preformed cuff: 22 cm - 42 cm
- Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor
- Easy to operate and easy to use
- Clinically validated

Use of Omron Blood Pressure Meter M3 HEM-7134-E

Download the leaflet for a complete guide of the use and maintenance of your blood pressure.

Ingredients Omron Blood Pressure Meter M3 HEM-7134-E

Omron M3 Comfort is a complete delivered blood pressure meter. Everything for the direct measurement can be found in the box. The box contains:
the blood pressure meter
Contoured M / L collar: 22 cm to 42 cm
Dutch manual
Set of batteries
Storage case
Blood pressure card
€ 106,00
€ 95,40

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