Specific CCD Struvite Management 15 kg

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Description of Specific CCD Struvite Management

SPECIFIC Struvite Management is a complete dietetic pet food for adult dogs for dissolution of struvite stones and reduction of struvite stone recurrence. The diet has urine-acidifying properties and reduced levels of magnesium and phosphorus. It contains a restricted level of protein but of high quality and covers all the nutritional needs of adult dogs contributing to their health.


Dissolution and reduction of recurrence of struvite uroliths in adult dogs

Ingredients Specific CCD Struvite Management

-The diet has a reduced content of magnesium and phosphorus (components of struvite crystals) for dissolution and reduction of recurrence of struvite crystals and stones.
-A urine pH below 6.4 dissolves existing struvite crystals and minimises the risk of precipitation of new struvite crystals.
-High quality and highly digestible ingredients ensure a maximum uptake of nutrients from the diet, whilst reducing faecal output.
-EPA and DHA are both omega-3 fatty acids with a beneficial effect on the maintenance of healthy joints, skin and coat.
€ 90,90
€ 81,82
(€ 5,45 / kg)

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