Synoquin EFA Dog Smal Breed 90 capsules

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Description of Synoquin EFA Dog Smal Breed

SYNOQUIN® EFA is a unique formula containing five key ingredients, each performing a specific role within the joint. It is this successful formula that vets and pet owners alike have come to rely on. With over 17 years experience in manufacturing nutraceuticals VetPlus is today a global leader in the field of joint management. 
SYNOQUIN® EFA is made using high purity, high quality glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate and Dexahan®. High quality glucosamine and chondroitin are recognised as key ingredients in the fight against joint degeneration. The combination of glucosamine and Dexahan® has been shown to have a better effect on osteoarthritic pain that just glucosamine alone. SYNOQUIN® EFA is manufactured to pharmaceutical cGMP standards with routine testing of all ingredients and final product to guarantee the stated label claim and purity. SYNOQUIN® has been prescribed by more vets than any other product. 

How can SYNOQUIN® EFA help my dog? 

Your vet will advise you on the protocol to follow. SYNOQUIN® EFA can be given to dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes and is available in a range of specific breed sizes. 

If your dog is suffering severe problems a six week loading programme is often necessary to allow depleted reserves to be replenished. After six weeks, intake can usually be decreased to a maintenance level. For less severe cases such as basic stiffness and general lethargy, your dog may only require one tablet or capsule per day. Again, your veterinary surgeon will advise you which is the correct protocol. 

Maintaining healthy joints 

Regular veterinary check-ups will ensure that any problems are detected early. Influencing factors are: 

Weight control 
Weight control is one of the most important factors in joint health. Chronic overloading of a joint can create abnormal pressure and increase the risk of damage. Your veterinary surgeon will advise you on whether there is a need to adjust your current feeding regime or recommend a special weight loss diet. 

Exercise modification 
In some cases where joint health is compromised, exercise will need to be modified. Your veterinary surgeon will be able to advise you on an appropriate exercise regime which, apart from keeping your dog generally active, could include: 
-Exercising “little and often” rather than one long walk a day. 
-Walking on a flat surface, as opposed to steep inclines such as stairs. 
-Physiotherapy as an additional form of exercise. 

What else can I do to help? 
Provide a soft, comfortable, draught-free bed Avoid slippery surfaces, getting up and walking on polished wooden, tiled or linoleum floors can be difficult and increase the risk of injury Minimise the need to use stairs wherever possible


Strong joints for dogs.

Use of Synoquin EFA Dog Smal Breed

Small dogs < 10kg
First 6 weeks: 2 capsules a day (1 in morning, 1 at night)

Middle large dogs 10-25kg
First 6 weeks: 3 capsules a day (2 in morning, 1 at night)

Large dogs >25kg
First 6 weeks: 3 capsules a day (2 in morning, 1 at night)
First 6 weeks for dogs above 40kg: 4 capsules a day (2 in morning, 2 at night)

Ingredients Synoquin EFA Dog Smal Breed

-Down-regulates the production of inflammatory mediators 
-Acts as the precursor to natural anti-inflammatory mediators such as resolvins and protectins 
-Helps to normalise bone mineral density in diseased joints 

Glucosamine HCl 
The major building block for the synthesis of new and healthy glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) 
-Encourages manufacture of GAGs in cartilage 
-Maintains cartilage GAG quality 
-Helps to maintain joint function 

Its primary function is to give cartilage its shock absorbing properties 
-Predominant GAG found in cartilage 
-Maintains a healthy synovial fluid matrix 
-Maintains cartilage water content and binds with collagen to ensure tensile strength 
-Encourages chondrocyte GAG synthesis 

Ascorbic Acid 
-The body’s primary water soluble antioxidant 
-Ascorbic acid targets the effects of free radical production within the joint structure 

-A key dietary trace element essential for enzymatic processes throughout the body 
-Especially important in the formation of cartilage


The intake should be limited to a couple of weeks/months.
€ 67,02
€ 60,32

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