Trovet CCL Recovery Liquid Dog & Cat 12x395 g

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Description of Trovet CCL Recovery Liquid Dog & Cat

-Ready for use in case of critical situations.
-It is a smooth moisture without lumbs, therefore ideal for syringe feeding.
-Due to the high moisture content, reydrates and feeds at the same time.
-Easy digestible and highly palatable for good voluntary uptake.
-Contains special amino acids (glutamine and argnine) to stimulate the immune system, prebiotica for a healthy flora in the gstro intestinal tract, yeast and extra zinc for a better woundhealing. Branched chain amino acids (iso-leucine, leucine en valine) are a preferred energy source during recovery, together with L-carnitine which supports energy transfer on a cellular level. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil for inhibiting inflammatory reactions.
-All raw materials are humane, and thus high quality.


Liquid dietary food for cats 
-Malnutrition / Anorexia 
-Recovery after surgergy or illness 
-Weaning food in transition to / intolerance of solid food 
-Additional energy intake required during pregnancy and lactation

Use of Trovet CCL Recovery Liquid Dog & Cat

Shake can well before opening, and use within 24 hours, refrigerating any unused portion. Serve preferably at room temperature (warming in micro wave) for maximum palatability.

Ingredients Trovet CCL Recovery Liquid Dog & Cat

meat and animal derivatives (chicken), milk and milk derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin (guar gum, inulin), egg and egg products, oils and fats (fish oil), yeast, minerals.


-Acute pancreatitis
€ 68,96
€ 62,06
(€ 13,09 / kg)

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