Trovet GHF Guinea Pig 275 g

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Description of Trovet GHF Guinea Pig

-High acceptation by the selection of raw materials. 
-No sugar and artificial flavors added. No nutrient deficiency by selective eating behavior, because all the kibbles have the same and complete composition. Prevents hypovitaminose C due to high content of vitamin C. 
-Promotes weight control by low energy value. Reduces the risk of constipation by high fiber value. 
-Promotes the natural dental wear (incisors and molars) due to the structure of the kibble. 
-Reduces the risk of calcification of soft tissue by low value of phosphorus and high magnesium value. 
-Less risk for calciumcarbonate-urolithiasis by low calcium value.


Complete health food for guinea pigs 
-Follow-on formula after recovery from illness 
-Prevention of diet-related diseases

Use of Trovet GHF Guinea Pig

TROVET Guinea Pig is a complete food suitable for guinea pigs at all life stages. Fresh hay and drinking water should be available at all times. Administration of hay contributes to the positive effects of TROVET Guinea Pig. The dietary advice is only a guideline, because between individuals significant differences in energy requirements exists. Check the body condition and adjust the fed amount.

Ingredients Trovet GHF Guinea Pig

cereals (barley), derivatives of vegetable origin (beet pulp), seeds (lupines), oils and fats (sunflower oil), minerals, vegetable protein extracts (sunflower cake, alfalfa).

Side effects of Trovet GHF Guinea Pig

€ 4,74
€ 4,27
(€ 1,55 / 100 g)

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