Trovet HLD Hepatic Dog 10 kg

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Description of Trovet HLD Hepatic Dog

-Consists only of foodstuffs which are highly tolerated and do not contain lactose, fermenting sugars (soybeans and other legumes) or anti-nutritional factors (lectins, tannins).
-Easily digestible, excellent high quality.
-Low copper level to prevent copper accumulation disease.
-Added L-carnitine for its promoting action in converting fat to energy, preservation of muscles and complete liver function.
-Supports fat-metabolism by high levels of lipotrophic substances (i.e. lecithin, choline, inositol, vitamin B2 en betaine).


Complete, highly digestible, liver supporting dietary food for dogs
-Primary or secondary gastro-enteritis
-Liver problems
-Pancreatitis, exocrine pancreas insufficiency

Use of Trovet HLD Hepatic Dog

Advised period of use is 6 months in case of liver-insufficiency and 3-12 weeks for other dietary problems. After this period TROVET Hepatic can be applied for life as a complete dietary food.

Ingredients Trovet HLD Hepatic Dog

cereals (corn, rice), meat and animal derivatives (chicken, pork), derivatives of vegetable origin (beet pulp), oils and fats (fish oil, pork fat), minerals, vegetable protein extracts (corn gluten), fish and fish derivatives, yeast.


-hepatic encephalopathy
€ 47,86
€ 43,07
(€ 4,31 / kg)

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